Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Unseen Apps Review

Hey Guys,
I wanted to give you guys a review on this Unseen Apps package.

I got it about two months ago and I can't say I have been disappointed. I love it so much. It is definitely not a scam.

So far everything that is comes with the package is great and works pretty well. I will go over these one by one in this review starting with the Name Finder. Or you can Click Here and go straight to the page and read your self.

Name Finder
It is a pretty good thing having the ability to see the people who are calling you. Especially if it is a friend buy you have yet to save their number in your phone. It even shows the pictures of the people which could save you from some creepy people in some situations.

The only downfall I have found with this app of the package is that sometimes in can take up to 30 seconds to find the name and pictures, and usually by then the phone call is over. But 85% of the time you will receive  the information and photo in the first 5 to 10 seconds.

This is the best part of the package in my opinion. Some networks won't let you bluetooth between other carriers, so this is really helpful to get cool ringtones that your friends have, and other media type things.

Another great thing about this feature is that the reaction time is really fast and the receiving of items is fast to.

Textify an Article
Say you found an awesome section in the paper and you want to let your friend read it but it's to long to type. Just use this feature and take a picture of the article, select the section, and this will turn it into text. It's really helpful while reading the paper especially.

Locate a Picture
Use iPhone's GPS to automatically add location data to the pictures clicked from your regular digital camera. Location of these GPS coordinates bearing pictures can be seen on Google Earth, iPhoto, iPhone Photos and even on social networking sites such as Flickr, Google+. With my iPhone 4S, this incredibly useful.

Photo Organization
Now you can manage your photo albums and photos all from the actual photo app already on the iPhone instead of using a separate app. You can take photos and videos from one album and just place them in a different one straight from the app. You can even password protect and private folders you may have. You can also just copy the album and put it straight on your PC. It was really annoying having all these ridiculous iPhone apps for pictures on my iPhone 4S. This made my kids really happy.

Music Organization
If you have un-named songs with no artists or genre. Or albums with no album art, this will just listen to the song, put the correct name on it. The correct artist will be put in there.  It will organize in the order that it comes on the CD. This feature helps a lot when you get a song from bluetooth.

E-Mail Signature
This will let you put a HTML signature on your e-mails. I didn't find much use for this feature unless you had a business or were of some importance.

Ever wondered what your spouse, children or employee are doing in your absence? This spying software once installed on an iPhone will work stealthily to monitor each activity and send you real time logs that you can access from any computer. It works just as if you had a keylogger on your own PC. 

Overall I found this package a great deal of help and encourage everyone to download it. If you are not pleased, they have a 60 day money back guarantee. In my opinion, that's plenty of time to install and try out the features of this package. 

Much More...
You can also do all the ordinary jailbreak functions through this such as: Carrier logo, theme, real weather icon, ticking clock icon and many more.  

All these iPhone apps will work on all the iDevices, even the iPhone 4S. When the iPhone 5 comes out, they will be compatible with it as well. 


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